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February 2012 Archives

Brand takes nothing from Perry in California divorce settlement

California residents who are married know that maintaining a union for the long haul can be challenging and difficult. Sometimes, the problems are too overwhelming, and a couple decides that they should divorce. When they do, the couple normally negotiates the division of their assets and property prior to being granted a final divorce decree.

One state proposes law to require divorce class before filing

California residents know that filing for divorce is a difficult decision for a couple. It is often challenging to confront issues like property division, child custody, child support and maintenance. Many wait for months or even years before taking the steps needed to end their marriage, in part because they are confused and sometimes intimidated by the legal process.

Arm yourself with knowledge, preparation before you divorce

When people in California are considering a divorce, or are preparing for a negotiation of terms, one of the best things they can do is be prepared. Having an abundance of information available can only be helpful in the long term.

Should child custody and visitation laws be more stringent?

A terrible tragedy occurred this week that some California residents may have heard about. A man burned down his home while he and his two children were inside, and all three were killed. The father carried out this tragic act during his visitation time with his children. While this situation is of course very rare, it has prompted some to question the current laws surrounding child custody in this country.

Several states push for changes to alimony laws

Many divorced individuals in Riverside understand the complexities of spousal support. Generally, there are two ways to look at alimony. First is from the payor's perspective. The spouse who earned more during the marriage may be required to pay a former partner monthly spousal support for as long as a judge orders. In some cases, lifetime alimony can be ordered. While some feel that alimony is not always warranted, those who receive it likely have a different opinion. Perhaps they didn't work during a marriage and now have to find a job with little experience to include on their resumes.