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August 2012 Archives

The decision to have kids may lead California couples to divorce

A story perhaps more common in California than many may think, couples who disagree on the issue of having children may see their relationships suffering or ending. He said that he didn't want kids before the marriage. She thought that she could change his mind after they were married and settled. Then they both went to work, earning high incomes. He never changed his mind and neither did she, which has resulted in tensions that lead to divorce filings.

California child support recipients face tough decisions

When so ordered by the court, payment of child support by a non-custodial parent is mandatory in California. The child support payments are intended to assist a custodial parent with raising and providing for a child. The payments can be essential to a parent who faces the high costs associated with raising children such as clothing, schooling and basic needs.

Divorce or legal separation: a choice for those in California

For some couples in California there comes a time when they know that they must end their relationship. For those who are married, this means filing for divorce. For others, legal separation is a better choice due to the opportunity for the dependent spouse to maintain medical insurance and other benefits. So which one is right for you?

California child custody could be affected by outside ruling

A significant legal battle has risen in an out-of-state family court regarding a legal question that could affect veterans across the country. The case arises from a child custody case being heard involving a veteran of the Afghanistan war. The man, who is seeking custody of his 11-month-old son, wants his psychiatrist to testify on his behalf, a common practice among California parents in child custody litigation who are being treated for psychological issues.

Child custody tough in California military divorce

Child custody can become a contentious issue in divorce, but for some Americans it can become an even more complicated dilemma. Many California readers may know firsthand just how difficult child custody can be during military divorce. States differ when it comes to child custody rules for military members serving their country. One national legal panel is attempting to simplify child custody rules for active service members all across the country. The panel has given their seal of approval to a set of uniform codes called the Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act.