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August 2015 Archives

Why preparing for custody evaluations is important

Parents may dread the long, drawn out process of a custody and parenting time dispute. However, family court judges commonly want to give parents every opportunity possible to resolve their differences before having to make a decision. This is partly because judges understand how one parent may feel completely marginalized by a decision that goes against them, and because parents still have to work together even after a decision has been made.

Helpful tips for telling kids about divorce

You may not admit it, but sometimes the headlines that scream at us through gossip magazines may catch our attention. After all, who doesn’t want to know if an A-list celebrity is getting divorced because of infidelity, especially if it was with the family nanny?

Why following a court order is critical

Former “Gossip Girl” star Kelly Rutherford’s custody story has garnered national news. Most people are puzzled by a California court’s decision to grant Rutherford’s former husband primary custody of the couple’s two children because his visa was revoked. Others may be troubled by the fact that a father was granted primary custody.

Myriad family law issues complex for Catholic Church

Many commentators on the Roman Catholic faith have portrayed Pope Francis, the current papal head, as being particularly sensitive to the need for the church to adjust some of its policies and become more accommodating to diverse groups of believers as the 21st century unfolds.