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January 2016 Archives

Is spanking domestic violence?

Domestic violence is never OK. But not every instance of violence in family interactions amounts to domestic violence. That being so, you would expect that it would be easier to know where the line is so that it no one would cross it.

What can I do to prepare for a custody evaluation?

Child custody disputes aren't always part and parcel to a split by parents. They do occur, however. And as we noted in a post back in August, when they develop, family courts in California may order a custody evaluation. What this entails is an investigation by a neutral third party who then makes recommendations for final custody arrangements.

Avoiding the financial pitfalls that can come with gray divorce

The divorce rate in America climbed significantly in latter half of the 20th century. There were many reasons for this, including a greater percentage of women feeling economically secure (by working outside the home) and waning social and religious stigma associated with divorce.

Ignorance about finances can hurt you in divorce

A good deal of intelligence does not guarantee smarts when it comes to making decisions in divorce, especially when complex property division issues are at stake. Even in California, where it might seem that community property rules would make division issues simpler, the process of fairly dividing up assets can become daunting.