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August 2016 Archives

How to talk to kids about divorce and custody

Even when it's necessary and for the best, divorce can still be hard on the kids. It's important to know how you should broach the subject with them to make this transition to a new way of living go as smoothly as possible.

Why would a child support payment be under the full amount?

In California, the State Disbursement Unit handles child support payments. Money is sent to the SDU by the parent who is supposed to pay, and then the SDU sends it on to the other parent through a direct deposit, a check, or an electronic card.

What is the commingling of assets?

Working through the property division process in California can really be eye-opening, showing you just how the law views the money and assets you've obtained, and you may even run into some concepts you've never considered before. For many people, one of these concepts is the commingling of assets.

Moving company focuses on helping domestic violence victims

Meathead Movers is a moving company in California, but it's not your usual moving company. They have a special focus, which is trying to help those who are victims of domestic violence.