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March 2017 Archives

California considers revenge porn to be domestic violence

When you hear or read the words "domestic violence," it probably conjures up images of bruises, bloody noses and broken bones. You probably don't picture an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend trying to post naked photos of the victim online or sell a piece of "revenge porn" in order to harass and humiliate the victim.

Is co-parenting the right decision for your family?

In a divorce, dividing assets can be easier than trying to determine child custody and visitation. More courts are moving towards shared parenting, or co-parenting, which is when both parents share custody and care of the child. You might stop being a husband or wife, but you will always be mom or dad, and so will the other parent.

Making a divorce quicker and less expensive

If you're staring an unhappy marriage in the face and thinking of the years in front of you, the need to end the damaging relationship is very real. However, if your family has limited resources, even the idea of filing for a divorce can stop you from moving forward with your lives.