Wage Garnishments (Collection of Support)

At the Law Office of Heather Cullen, in Riverside, California, we assist clients who are both receiving and paying support.

Paying Party: We help clients who are victims of extreme wage garnishments or unfair collection practices related to child and spousal support collection by court intervention to determine outstanding support amounts and modify wage assignments to reflect accurate and reasonable amounts.

Depending on the case, we assist clients with:

  • Defense against collection
  • Passport release
  • Driver's license release
  • Protection of assets, including against bank liens
  • Contempt proceedings

Receiving Party: With regard to collecting support as the receiving party, we help clients collect child support in several different ways.

One option is for the parent paying support to set up direct deposit into the account of the parent receiving support. If the parent paying support resists this, the parent receiving support can seek money directly from the other party's wages. We can arrange for this to be done through wage garnishment by filing and serving the appropriate legal papers. Our firm has ample experience doing this for our clients. We also often represent people who are having difficulty paying child support and may even face contempt charges because of it.

An important part of our practice is advising clients on how to take advantage of publicly funded services designed to help parents pay or receive child support. These include the Riverside Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) and the San Bernardino Human Services Department. For independent advice on using the services of these and other public agencies, including the State Disbursement Unit (SDU), contact our Riverside law firm.

Our Firm Can Help You Utilize the Services of Public Child Support Service Agencies to Make Paying or Receiving Child Support Easier.

In these and other situations, having a lawyer to assist you can make paying or receiving child support much easier.

Contact our law firm, the Law Office of Heather Cullen, to learn more from an experienced attorney. We want to help make paying or receiving child support work for you. We have a second office location in Temecula, California.