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Heather M. Cullen selected to the 2017 California AJI's Top 10 Attorneys List for Divorce

Heather M. Cullen has been selected to the 2017 California American Jurist Institute's Top 10 Attorneys list for Divorce! Each year, no more than 10 lawyers in the state are selected by the selection council at the American Jurist Institute to receive this honor.

Is co-parenting the right decision for your family?

In a divorce, dividing assets can be easier than trying to determine child custody and visitation. More courts are moving towards shared parenting, or co-parenting, which is when both parents share custody and care of the child. You might stop being a husband or wife, but you will always be mom or dad, and so will the other parent.

Do I have to divorce my insurance, too?

When reviewing your finances in preparation for a divorce, you'll no doubt remember all the big expenses: mortgage or rent, car payment, child care or education costs, utilities, student loans and even cellphone bills. But you shouldn't overlook one major part of your financial responsibilities: insurance.

Collaborative divorce may make divorce process easier

Many people consider divorce to be a messy and painful process in California. This is especially true for couples who cannot see eye-to-eye about how to divide their assets and property. However, collaborative divorce is one method that can help a couple to end a marriage in a more amicable manner. 

Addressing retirement assets important part of divorce

One of the toughest situations a person in California may face in life is going through a divorce. It can affect both men and women, but a majority of women, in particular, face a decline of 40 percent in their standard of living following divorce. Taking the right steps early on to adjust to life after divorce may help to mitigate the negative financial impacts of divorce. 

Understanding one's assets is essential during divorce

A chief stressor for individuals during a California divorce is money. After all, the choices a person makes in the heat of the moment during a divorce can have long-term repercussions. One of the biggest mistakes that divorcing individuals make when it comes to their finances is not knowing where their assets are. 

Financial decisions are important parts of the divorce process

One of the biggest concerns an individual in California may have when it comes to getting divorced is money. Not only may a person be worried about the financial impact of property division, but also he or she may encounter new financial burdens, such as child support. A couple of tips may help people to protect themselves financially after divorce. 

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