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Divorce involving child custody can have positive results

A divorce can emotionally be tough to accept for the two parties who have decided to split up, but it can also be hard for the children involved to embrace. This is particularly the case in a California divorce where both parents do not see eye-to-eye on how child custody should be addressed. A willingness on the part of both parents to focus on what is best for the children may make the scenario easier for the entire family to handle.

Child custody dispute may have emotional impact on the kids

Divorce can have an emotional impact on kids that can last years. This is particularly the case if the two divorcing parents are fighting over child custody. Several tips can help such parents in California to tell whether their kids are moving forward with the transition well.

Child custody battle may impact children at start of school year

Just as an adult may find it difficult to fully concentrate on work while going through a divorce in California, a child might also struggle to fully focus on school during this period. The more that parents can make the transition to life after a divorce involving child custody as seamless as possible for their children, the better the children may fare in school and in life in general. Some tips can help divorcing parents to create the best situation for their children at the start of the school year.

California custody decisions are best when the kids are the focus

Experiencing a divorce can understandably be hard on the parents and the children in California. While the parents may squabble about who will get custody of the kids or whether to pursue joint custody, the children may worry about losing one of their parents in the split-up. A few tips can help the parents to navigate this often tricky process for the benefit of the kids and, subsequently, for themselves.

Fighting over custody of the kids can emotionally impact them

When two people agree to divorce in California, it’s a decision that can have a long-term impact, not only on the two parties but also on their children. Some of the biggest hurdles parents have to deal with include fighting a child custody dispute and helping the children to emotionally cope with their parents’ split. However, some tips can be helpful for making the transition as easy as possible for the kids.

Child custody battle can negatively affect kids emotionally

People who are consumed with divorce may be particularly focused on not getting the raw end of the deal. They often concentrate on dividing property and assets and, in the process, may inadvertently neglect their own children's feelings. Just as divorce can be emotionally troubling for an adult, it also can be difficult for a child. Conflict between two parents about matters such as child custody only exacerbates the problem for children in California.

California child custody talks should also involve emergency plan

Children are sometimes caught in the middle of a child custody battle when their parents divorce. The situation can be troubling for not only the children but also the adults. In California, the court ultimately must make a decision regarding child custody based on the best interests of the children. The parents should then come up with a plan for how the children will be cared for during a potential emergency.

Usher wins latest challenge to his child custody rights

California readers are likely familiar with the work of acclaimed R&B performer Usher. The singer is known for his stage presence and chart-topping hits, but has also made headlines in recent years over a lengthy child custody battle with his former wife. The pair went before a family court judge in a recent hearing, after a motion for emergency temporary custody was filed.

Boy returned to father in interference of child custody case

It is important for parents to obey court orders regarding custody of their children. If a parent purposely disobeys court orders regarding child custody, he or she may end up having future legal problems in California or in any other state. Some parents who are not pleased with the court's decision sometimes interfere with the other parent's custodial rights. This seems to have been the case recently with one 28-year-old mother.

California grandparents often need more than visitation rights

In California, as in states across the country, the role of the grandparent is changing. As more and more young adults contend with the economic and social challenges that face our country, the grandparents are more often placed in the role of sole care giver for one or more grandchildren. This switch from occasional visitation to full time care often requires more support: emotional, physical and financial, than many elderly individuals have to give.

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