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Will summer vacation save your marriage?

Summer is finally here! For couples who have been experiencing a lot of marital discord, summer vacation can seem like a pivotal opportunity to get your relationship with your spouse back on track. Even if you and your spouse just have a "staycation" at home, you may have some high hopes that the time together -- minus the stress of your daily routine -- can renew your love and give your marriage the boost it needs to hold together.

"Couple friends" and the LGBTQ divorce: What happens next

One of the unique challenges same-sex couples often face when they divorce is that their community of friends tends to be unusually integrated with their spouse's community of friends. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community in any given area tends to be somewhat insular.

Want a peaceful divorce? Don't do these things

Going through a divorce means learning how to navigate some entirely new situations all on your own. While it can be tempting (and maybe justifiable) to throw all of the blame for your failed marriage at your spouse's feet, your goal right now should be getting through the divorce as peacefully as possible. After all, a peaceful, easy divorce is better for your stress, your kids and your wallet.

Why divorce is better than staying in an unhappy marriage

These troubled times are forcing a lot of people into positions where they're reexamining their values, their sense of personal identity and their relationships with other people, so it's no wonder that already rocky marriages are absolutely breaking under the strain.

What's does it mean to be legally separated from your spouse?

Your physical separation from your spouse, your date of separation and what it means to be legally separated are actually three different things -- but people often confuse them. If your marriage is all-but-over and you've already been living in your own place for a while now, here's what you need to know.

Can you reduce the cost of your divorce?

With all the other stress you're under during a divorce, your finances can quickly become the biggest stressor in your life once you realize how costly divorce can be. Experts say that the average divorce in 2019 costs each spouse about $15,000. That's a lot to handle on top of all your other expenses.

Going through a divorce? Here are some rules for Thanksgiving

Are you absolutely dreading facing your extended family members this Thanksgiving because of your contentious divorce? Coping with the disruption and trauma of divorce is always difficult, but it can be particularly hard to handle when relatives (well-meaning or not) insert themselves into your situation in an unwelcome way.

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