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Can a same-sex spouse get alimony in California?

Spousal support (alimony) is often a touchy subject these days because many people see it as part of a bygone era when men worked outside of the home and married women had little resources for themselves.

Same-sex couple face unique social pressure to stay married

Until recently, marriage in the same-sex community has never been something easily obtainable -- which puts a peculiar pressure on those within same-sex marriages to stay married -- even when they're deeply unhappy.

Common questions same-sex couples may have about divorce

Like heterosexual couples, same-sex couples do not go into a marriage thinking that it will one day end. Unfortunately, the reality is that same-sex marriages end just as other marriages do. When divorce enters the picture, these couples often have just as many questions about the process as they may have had when planning to marry.

Are same-sex couples more or less likely to split up?

Though legal views on same-sex marriage have shifted significantly in the last few years, it is still viewed differently than opposite-sex marriage in much of modern society. Does this mean that these couples are more likely to call it quits once they do get married?

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