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When can you ask for a change in child support?

Child support is one of those issues that ex-spouses often disagree about from the day it's ordered until the day it's done. If you're unhappy with either the amount of child support you have to pay or the amount that you're receiving, you may consider asking the court for a change. Before you do, however, you should understand just what goes into a successful request for a modification of support.

You can collect child support from unwilling fathers

Women who become unexpectedly pregnant often find themselves stymied by the soon-to-be father's reaction. Sometimes the father doesn't want to be involved and will simply distance himself from the mother, the pregnancy and the child once he or she is born.

Long-range support and the child with severe autism

Usually, child support in California ends when the child turns 18 (unless he or she is a full-time student, in which case it can continue until he or she is age 19). In some rare cases, a support agreement might call for one or both parents to support the child through a four-year college degree.

California child support | Putting the focus on loving dads

When it comes to the public's perspective on child support, many noncustodial fathers get a bad rap. The focus is often on the custodial parent who is entitled to receive child support. This is usually the mother. It is not fair to single out all fathers and think of them as dead-beat-dads. In fact, many California fathers want to provide for their children. They love their kids and are often in despair about their inability to effectively pay child support.

Fight for your child's right to parental support

If you are a person who does not like to make waves or face conflict, you might be tempted to ignore your co-parent's inability to pay child support. While this is certainly understandable, we want you to know one thing before you continue reading. Being supported financially by both parents is one of your child's most fundamental rights. As family law attorneys serving California residents, we believe it is wrong to rob children of this right. You probably already know that receiving child support makes your life easier and relieves you of many financial concerns. What you might not realize is that the timely payment of child support is good for your children in other ways as well.

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