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Some California custody cases influenced by international laws

Courts in California and other states across the country are faced with deciding just how much influence a biological parent's cultural heritage and the laws applicable to that heritage should have when deciding matters of child custody. In the majority of cases, the courts have been asked to consider Sharia law, or Islamic law, when deciding cases of Muslim family issues such as custody and visitation. As more cases are filed seeking the courts consideration of international laws that affect family decisions, this issue is sure to become more and more complicated.

California couple fighting child custody case involving CPS

A recent California child custody case involving a -month-old baby boy has taken the nation by storm. Child custody cases can tug at the heart strings of parents. When a sick child is involved, it often draws the attention of people of all ages. From newspapers to morning television shows, this has been a hard case to miss.

California child support can be deducted from lottery winnings

Readers in California likely know that a record high Powerball jackpot was available recently. The $338 million prize was won by one man alone who is from another state. Now, just as the man began to enjoy his winnings, he faced a child support hearing relating to money that he was said to owe to a custodial parent.

California child support mandatory, need court order to change

California readers will likely recall the famed basketball career and media antics of Dennis Rodman. Rodman was a part of the NBA Bulls in the 1990s, a team that made many of the sports players famous. Now he is in the headlines for failing to pay child support to his former wife, Michelle Rodman.

California divorce: How infidelity can turn into alimony

Infidelity is a frequent reason for divorce, but rarely is it ever taken into consideration by the courts when the non-cheating spouse tries to get spousal support. In a no-fault divorce state like California, the courts are not interested in which side is to blame. However, spouses who wish to factor cheating into the divorce settlement may have better luck outside of court. For those who did not draft a pre- or postnuptial agreement with an infidelity clause, there are a couple other options to consider.

Immigration and child custody: deported father fights for his kids

A man is fighting to regain custody of his children after being deported. The child custody battle began when the man's wife and mother of the children involved lost physical custody of the kids. Now, like similar cases in California, the man must appeal to the court to get his kids back.

Child support action against 9/11 hero of interest in California

A man who is considered a hero to many for his efforts on behalf of 9/11 victims is now being accused of failing to pay his court-ordered child support. The man has worked to gain funds for survivors of the terrorist attack that took the lives of many from across the country. California residents may be interested to learn that now his children assert that he owes $81,421 in back child support payments.

How the Internet can harm your divorce

Today, the term "private life" has become somewhat meaningless. Daily, we check in to our favorite lunch spot on Foursquare, take a picture of our meal and post it to Facebook, then Tweet about how it tasted on Twitter. Social media has created a culture of openness and transparency that leaves many people's lives up for public viewing and commentary. Regardless of your thoughts on social media forums, it's important to know that, in certain situations, going public with the details of your life could end up hurting you.

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