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Spousal support often highly charged issue during divorce

One of the biggest areas of disagreement during a California divorce proceeding is spousal support. The person pursuing spousal support is naturally most concerned with obtaining the maximum amount of support possible, while the individual who will be responsible for providing support may be concerned about being taken advantage of. Determinations of spousal support are based on multiple factors.

Divorce process in California involves multiple steps

The divorce process can be complicated, especially when two parties cannot agree on how to divide significant assets, such as the family home or shared property. Proper legal guidance, however, can help you to navigate the divorce process in a way that will benefit you financially in the long term. Getting divorced involves several core steps in California.

Steps can help one to prepare adequately for divorce

It may be heartbreaking to have to say goodbye to a spouse through a divorce, but at times, not much can be done to stop a divorce from happening. Over 50 percent of marital unions end up in divorce, so dissolving a marriage is not uncommon these days. A few tips can help people to determine whether they are truly ready to untie the knot in California.

Managing emotions helpful during divorce in California

It's hard to think logically when one is filled with emotions, such as grief, anger and frustration. However, although it is easy to be overcome with these feelings during a divorce, making decisions based on emotions can be detrimental long-term in California. This is why it is necessary to be in control of one's emotions, channeling them in a positive way during the dissolution of a marriage.

Chick flicks may help to prevent a California divorce

An individual may feel unsettled if his or her marriage seems to be on the rocks. Sometimes, a California couple's differences are irreconcilable, while at other times, the parties can find a way to work out their conflicts. Watching a chick flick may be one way of achieving this! According to new research, a romantic movie indeed can have a positive influence on a married couple and may help decrease the divorce rate among newlyweds.

Writing down objectives during California divorce can be helpful

People typically don't enter a marriage and expect to end up filing divorce papers years later. When this happens as a result of irreconcilable differences, an individual may feel as though he or she has lost control of his or her life and future. However, understanding how to best plan for the future by making wise decisions regarding asset and property division during a California divorce proceeding can help a person to regain a sense of control.

Service of divorce papers can cause emotions to run high

An elderly California woman is recovering from injuries to her abdomen and hand as a result of shots fired by her husband as she was serving him with divorce papers. The woman was taken to a local hospital where she is reported to be in stable condition. Her 82-year old husband was taken into custody by police and charges are pending.

Military divorce could see changes in maintenance payments

California is home to many who are in the military. And as many of these people know, sustaining a marriage when one or both spouses are in the military is not always easy. For some, it's just not workable. Military divorce is similar to a civilian one in many aspects; however, there are often other factors involved that complicate a military divorce.

Dog Whisperer divorce final, details revealed

Sometimes the divorce process in California can take many months or even years to complete. In cases where there are significant assets to be divided, the time can be delayed as the divorcing spouses try to come up with an agreement. In cases where no agreement can be reached, there may be court involvement through litigation or in the final divorce settlement.

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