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Enjoy the holidays post-divorce in California

Getting a divorce can be one of a person's most difficult and stressful experiences. This is especially true during the holiday season in California. An individual who is trying to move on with his or her life following a divorce can consider several strategies to stay positive and live a fulfilled life during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

California divorce made easier with a prenuptial agreement

When going through a divorce, a person may feel that he or she is drowning in a wide range of emotions. The individual may feel sad about the situation in addition to feeling anger toward the spouse. In addition, the person may feel overwhelmed about how to handle the details of the complex divorce process in California. A recent article explains how a prenuptial agreement certainly can help to alleviate a lot of the stressors that come with divorce and provides tips for a smooth divorce proceeding.

Setting a positive tone for divorce in California

Divorce can be a difficult experience. When a couple's marriage must end due to irreconcilable differences in California, it is easy to become focused on the emotions and not on how to logically address important areas of the divorce proceeding, such as the splitting of assets. A recent article provides tips for minimizing the potential stress that can follow a divorce.

Focus on long-term financial plan when getting California divorce

A plethora of emotions may plague a person who is getting divorced. He or she may feel defeated, angry and fearful all at the same time. The fear may come when the person begins to contemplate on how he or she will recover financially from a divorce proceeding which involves the division of assets and could also involve child support or alimony in California. A recent article highlights how this type of individual can bounce back in the midst of the financial changes that are inevitable with divorce.

Couples can successfully use collaborative divorce in California

A divorce is one of the most distressing experiences a person can endure. This is particularly true if the divorcing couple cannot get along while trying to resolve major aspects of the divorce proceeding, such as the split of assets or the awarding of alimony or child support in California. An article presents the idea of collaborative divorce and explains why this approach to divorce can help couples to end up more satisfied financially even in the midst of the heartache that a divorce can cause.

Minimize costs in divorce proceeding in California

When people in California think about divorce, the word typically sparks negative images in people's minds. They imagine broken hearts and the loss of potentially large amounts of money. However, a recent article provides a few tips on how to make the usually stressful and costly process of divorce a lot less expensive.

Divorce in California involves possible alimony, split of assets

When a couple goes through a divorce, they may struggle with a variety of emotions, from anger to hurt. In the midst of these emotions, it can be hard to concentrate on the crucial financial matters wrapped up in the divorce. However, failure to address these areas properly in California can actually cause financial ruin to an individual or prevent them from getting the assets that are due to them. One recent article describes why pursuing legal expertise is paramount in helping a person to maximize what is owed to them in a divorce situation.

Divorce in California may involve dividing shared assets in half

Divorce can be a painful experience, signifying the failure of a union that was intended to last until death. When a couple's marriage has died and they must part ways, it is easy to overlook who should receive what part of the assets they both owned together. A recent article explains what to expect in California when dealing with the splitting of shared assets and even alimony and child support during a divorce proceeding.

Service of divorce papers can cause emotions to run high

An elderly California woman is recovering from injuries to her abdomen and hand as a result of shots fired by her husband as she was serving him with divorce papers. The woman was taken to a local hospital where she is reported to be in stable condition. Her 82-year old husband was taken into custody by police and charges are pending.

California Supreme Court rules on divorce issue

The California Supreme Court rendered a decision in a divorce matter recently that may set a precedent that could affect other pending cases of the same type. A woman had requested as part of the couples' divorce settlement that she receive a portion of a prospective pension increase that her ex-husband would be receiving from the military. The court ruled against the woman based on the manner in which the increase was obtained.

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