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Assuming parent duties may require eating the whole enchilada

It is not unusual for a person in California to become a stepparent without going through the usual process of legally adopting the children of a spouse's previous relationship. A lot of times, it's a role that is just taken on by virtue of the demands of the new family structure and the fact that the couple is now married.

Child's legal status and support are issues in Chris Rock divorce

Divorce is not always an easy process. If parents are splitting, the resolution of child custody, visitation, support and more can all become points of contention. This is something with which experienced family law attorneys in California are very familiar. Still, every case is different and unique circumstances can have unusual effects on how matters get resolved.

Can a mother be ordered to pay child support?

Giada de Laurentis is arguably best known for her recipes and cooking shows. So when news of the ruling regarding her divorce became public, it was newsworthy not only because of the property settlement and spousal maintenance ruling, but also because of the child support ruling as well.

Child support obligation increases for entertainer Future

When two individuals have a child and decide to separate, a debate often arises concerning who will have custody of the child and what financial role the other parent will play in the child’s life. Typically, a judge in California will assume the responsibility of deciding who will get child custody and the amount of child support that is reasonable to award in the case. One entertainer in another state is facing this scenario with the mother of his child.

Charlie Sheen in child support battle with Denise Richards

In some divorce situations, the couple are able to agree on how to address major issues such as property division and asset distribution. However, when it comes to issues such as child support, both parties might be in a stalemate in California. The custodial parent may want more than the other parent is willing to pay. Child support problems certainly can cause further division between two divorcing individuals, but a willingness to negotiate may increase both people's chances of securing an outcome they both can appreciate.

Ludacris in child support battle with mother of his child

After having a baby, two people who choose not to live together often still share in the responsibility of rearing the child they formed. However, the person who has primary custody of the child may worry that the other party will not pay enough child support, or the other party might worry about having to pay a substantial amount of support in California. This is the situation that a high-profile person and his child's mother in one out-of-state case are facing.

Understanding the Effects of the Government Shutdown

For the first time since 1995-1996, the U.S. government has been shut down in a dispute over the federal budget. With the 2011 debt ceiling debate, then the 2012 fiscal cliff, and now this, it seems that governmental dysfunction has been normalized. Now that the shutdown has happened, we can start to assess the damage, as well as evaluate how the dispute is likely to play out.

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