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Tips for recovering unpaid child support

Many Riverside residents know firsthand how important child support payments are to the well-being of their children. Unfortunately, many noncustodial parents do not make complete payments or do not make payments at all. In fact, only a third of custodial parents receive any of the child support they are due, and a quarter never receives any payments.

Ex-NFL star indicted for non-payment of child support

Failing to pay child support is a serious offense in California. It is also a serious offense in other states as well, and even the well-known are not immune to prosecution. Last week we brought you the story of another former professional football player having trouble with child support, and now it appears another former NFL wide receiver, Andre Rison, is also having those same problems.

Child support modification sought by Terrell Owens

Trouble seems to follow professional football player Terrell Owens. Just weeks after an alleged attempt to take his own life, Owens is now claiming he cannot afford to pay child support to his son's mother. Owens is claiming that his current income is nothing, which is why he is asking a California judge for help.

Child support woes for actor Corey Feldman

Although Corey Feldman was a popular actor a few decades ago (California movie fans may remember him from his role in "Goonies"), he hasn't seen much screen time in recent years. He's clearly not in the same financial situation that he was in his heyday, as evidenced by court documents in the child support complaint that was recently filed by his ex-wife, Susannah Feldman. Ms. Feldman reports that the actor has a current income of just $1,387 per month.

Judge orders man to pay $62,000 in child support

A 42-year-old California man was recently ordered to pay $62,000 in back child support payments and sentenced to five years probation. Additionally, The South Lake Tahoe, California, resident will have to keep up with current monthly payments owed to his daughter's mother. The judge also gave the man a three-year suspended prison sentence, and ordered him to abstain from alcohol and drugs.

Rapper Swizz Beatz and ex reach child support settlement

After months of legal wrangling in court, famous hip-hop artist Swizz Beatz and his Russian ex-girlfriend have reached a settlement concerning their 3-year-old daughter. A judge in a Manhattan family court sealed the deal, which includes $42,000 in legal fees in addition to the agreed-upon child support payments. In the sort of case California lawyers deal with every day, the rapper and successful hip-hop producer paid what was owed, including the legal fees.

Mel Gibson, ex-girlfriend settle child support battle

In a child support battle, it is important for the feuding parents to put the needs of the child ahead of their own for the sake of the health and well-being of the child. In a recent celebrity case, Mel Gibson has been ordered to pay $750,000 in child support to his ex-girlfriend, Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva. The payment is to be divided into thirds, with Grigorieva receiving the last payment in 2016.

Child support a dilemma regarding Native American parents

When considering child support in California involving a Native American tribe, things can get complicated. What happens concerning child support when a Native American has a baby with an American and the couple subsequently separate?

Child support arrest nets former basketball star

Child support continues to make headlines across our country, a result of difficult financial times. However, while the economy has been difficult on everyone, children still need to eat and have a roof over their heads. Child support in California and other states is based on a percentage of income. The payment is considered a priority and may not be discharged in bankruptcy. Unfortunately, almost every day we read about people in arrears, facing arrest and other consequences for failure to meet their obligation.

American Indians shielded from child support orders in CA?

Many American Indian tribes operate under a form of independent government. This sovereignty seems to be creating difficulties for some mothers who are seeking child support. A recent news report highlights some of the issues California mothers are facing when attempting to obtain court-ordered child support from American Indian fathers.

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