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California child custody talks should also involve emergency plan

Children are sometimes caught in the middle of a child custody battle when their parents divorce. The situation can be troubling for not only the children but also the adults. In California, the court ultimately must make a decision regarding child custody based on the best interests of the children. The parents should then come up with a plan for how the children will be cared for during a potential emergency.

Usher wins latest challenge to his child custody rights

California readers are likely familiar with the work of acclaimed R&B performer Usher. The singer is known for his stage presence and chart-topping hits, but has also made headlines in recent years over a lengthy child custody battle with his former wife. The pair went before a family court judge in a recent hearing, after a motion for emergency temporary custody was filed.

Boy returned to father in interference of child custody case

It is important for parents to obey court orders regarding custody of their children. If a parent purposely disobeys court orders regarding child custody, he or she may end up having future legal problems in California or in any other state. Some parents who are not pleased with the court's decision sometimes interfere with the other parent's custodial rights. This seems to have been the case recently with one 28-year-old mother.

California grandparents often need more than visitation rights

In California, as in states across the country, the role of the grandparent is changing. As more and more young adults contend with the economic and social challenges that face our country, the grandparents are more often placed in the role of sole care giver for one or more grandchildren. This switch from occasional visitation to full time care often requires more support: emotional, physical and financial, than many elderly individuals have to give.

Supreme Court hears child custody case for Native American child

Residents of California may be interested to learn about a recent Supreme Court decision in a child custody matter. The case is unusual in that child custody matters are generally handled at the state level. However, in this case, a Native American biological father was seeking custody of his child, who is also part Native American. He asked the supreme court of his state to award custody under the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978. That court issued a ruling in his favor and the child was removed from the custody of her adoptive parents.

Pending legislation would affect custody rights of sperm donors

A bill now pending in the California Senate could have what some believe to be far-reaching effects on child custody. The bill would modify the rights now granted to biological parents who were sperm donors. As the law now stands, a parent who donates sperm through a donor bank or as a part of a doctor-supervised fertility treatment and who is not married to the woman who conceives is not considered by the law to be the child's natural father. Unless there is a signed agreement before the procedure stipulating to the contrary, the donor has no standing in court to petition for any kind of custody or visitation.

Child custody dispute results in mother's arrest as a fugitive

A woman that took her child across state lines in violation of a California Superior Court ruling has been located and arrested. The violation of the order and contempt of court warrants were issued on June 10, and reportedly arose from a dispute in a child custody matter. The mother and child were located in another state where she was taken into custody pending extradition back to California. The child is in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services in that state, and will be transported back to California as soon as possible.

Some California custody cases influenced by international laws

Courts in California and other states across the country are faced with deciding just how much influence a biological parent's cultural heritage and the laws applicable to that heritage should have when deciding matters of child custody. In the majority of cases, the courts have been asked to consider Sharia law, or Islamic law, when deciding cases of Muslim family issues such as custody and visitation. As more cases are filed seeking the courts consideration of international laws that affect family decisions, this issue is sure to become more and more complicated.

Many California fathers face visitation frustration

Going through a divorce, moving into a new home and getting used to seeing one's children on a vastly reduced schedule is bad enough, without layering additions stressful issues on top. However, for many California fathers, the tension does not end when the ink has dried and the boxes are unpacked. Visitation issues plague many non-custodial parents, and while it is not always the father who gets visitation, that pattern is still the norm in California and across the nation.

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