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California couple fighting child custody case involving CPS

A recent California child custody case involving a -month-old baby boy has taken the nation by storm. Child custody cases can tug at the heart strings of parents. When a sick child is involved, it often draws the attention of people of all ages. From newspapers to morning television shows, this has been a hard case to miss.

Avoiding criminal charges in California child custody disputes

Virtually no arena of American law encompasses more emotion and contention than child custody cases. This type of litigation can bring the most nasty, expensive and lengthy cases before California family courts. For those involved in child custody litigation, it is imperative that emotions are kept in check to the greatest degree possible.

Child custody, adoption issues tied up in U.S. Supreme Court case

A case that is soon to be heard by the nation's highest court may be of interest to our readers in California. At issue in the child custody litigation is with whether a state's highest court was correct in vacating a prior adoption. The case centers on the federal Indian Child Welfare Act.

California parents seek what is best in child custody cases

California readers may be interested to learn about proposed changes to a law that exists in another state. The changes being discussed could affect child custody in that state. The proposal comes after courts began to notice that older children involved in such situations usually wish to have their opinions heard.

California man retains child custody in medical marijuana case

Parents may lose custody of their children for a myriad of reasons. If they use drugs, for example, there may be a concern that they are endangering their children. When it comes to medical marijuana, the courts may have to decide if a child is safe in an environment where it is used. Recently, a California man was allowed to retain child custody despite smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes.

California disabled parents seek child custody law changes

California is among the few states that have recently adjusted their laws to better protect parents with disabilities, one report indicates. This protection can help a disabled parent as they seek to alter an agreement in a child custody battle. Without the support of the law, many disabled parents assert that they suffer discrimination as they fight for their children.

Immigration and child custody: deported father fights for his kids

A man is fighting to regain custody of his children after being deported. The child custody battle began when the man's wife and mother of the children involved lost physical custody of the kids. Now, like similar cases in California, the man must appeal to the court to get his kids back.

International child custody issues rise in Washington and abroad

A new law being proposed in another state may be of interest to readers in California who are involved in a child custody matter that involves parents from different home countries. In the new proposal, which is currently going through the legislative process, a parent would not be able to remove a child to another country during a child custody dispute except under limited circumstances. Though this child custody bill has not been proposed in our state, its progress may be closely watched by many here and across the country.

Reality TV stars exchange accusations in California custody dispute

Adrienne Maloof, the estranged wife of a California doctor, recently asked the court to grant a restraining order against her ex-husband. The couple star in the television reality series, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." The court granted the request for a restraining order and allowed Maloof to have temporary child custody of the couple's three sons.

California child custody could be affected by outside ruling

A significant legal battle has risen in an out-of-state family court regarding a legal question that could affect veterans across the country. The case arises from a child custody case being heard involving a veteran of the Afghanistan war. The man, who is seeking custody of his 11-month-old son, wants his psychiatrist to testify on his behalf, a common practice among California parents in child custody litigation who are being treated for psychological issues.

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