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Thoughts on Thanksgiving parenting time disputes

In a prior post, we offered some thoughts on how important it was for parents to resolve parenting time disputes (or address them) before the holiday season begins. We offered a few possibilities for those parents who were experiencing problems sharing time for Halloween. With Thanksgiving coming up this week, it is prudent that we revisit this issue.

Three important tips for men going through divorce

It is not terribly often that advice posts or encouragement go towards men who are divorcing or are embroiled in a child custody dispute. Perhaps it is because the stereotype of men being devoid of feelings or absent fathers gets played out more often than we think. It may also be because men are very proud and feel ashamed of asking for help, even when they know that emotional advice can be just as important as legal advice.

Should you date during a divorce or child custody dispute?

Depending on the reasons for your divorce, or the break-up of the relationship with your ex, you may question whether you should date during a divorce or child custody dispute. After all, legal proceedings can be emotionally difficult, and it is helpful to have someone supporting you or willing to listen.

Thoughts on resolving holiday parenting time disputes

In a prior post, we highlighted a number of ways that parents who encounter trouble obtaining parenting time for Halloween can resolve this issue. With the annual night of fright and fun coming this weekend, we hope our readers have abated the parenting time issues that can arise.

How to deal with medical disputes involving a child

Co-parenting with a difficult ex is certainly not easy. You may have fights about what type of entertainment they may be exposed to, as well as what rules should be enforceable in each other’s homes. But what parents should not fight about (but unfortunately they do) is how their children should be treated by doctors.

The danger of social media rants during child custody disputes

If you have heard the adage, “think before you hit send” there’s a reason behind it. In the midst of custody and parenting time battles, or during a contentious divorce, emotions tend to run high and people often feel the need to vent on social media. After all, sharing one’s momentous life moments on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has become as common as calling a friend to unload one’s burdens.

What parents should know about modifications

If you are having problems with your current parenting time schedule or custody arrangement, perhaps a change may be in order. However, not every parenting time or custody dispute may give rise to a modification, even though an angry parent may threaten to take the kids or change custody so that another parent cannot make decisions.

Three ways to resolve Halloween parenting time disputes

If you have been in Target or Walmart lately, you would think that Halloween is next week. However, the actual date is about six weeks away, but retailers have this notion that if they put items out for you to buy early, you will buy them. Whether you would have bought candy and costumes so far in advance of Halloween is anyone’s guess, but it is an example of how retailers plan early for a holiday.

How parents should handle new school routines

Labor Day weekend has come and gone. Which means that many children go back to school if they have not started school already. With this time of year comes a measure of change. Indeed, there may be new schools and new routines, along with new realities if the parents of these children chose to dissolve their marriages or break up their relationships.

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