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The danger of social media rants during child custody disputes

If you have heard the adage, “think before you hit send” there’s a reason behind it. In the midst of custody and parenting time battles, or during a contentious divorce, emotions tend to run high and people often feel the need to vent on social media. After all, sharing one’s momentous life moments on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has become as common as calling a friend to unload one’s burdens.

What parents should know about modifications

If you are having problems with your current parenting time schedule or custody arrangement, perhaps a change may be in order. However, not every parenting time or custody dispute may give rise to a modification, even though an angry parent may threaten to take the kids or change custody so that another parent cannot make decisions.

Three ways to resolve Halloween parenting time disputes

If you have been in Target or Walmart lately, you would think that Halloween is next week. However, the actual date is about six weeks away, but retailers have this notion that if they put items out for you to buy early, you will buy them. Whether you would have bought candy and costumes so far in advance of Halloween is anyone’s guess, but it is an example of how retailers plan early for a holiday.

How parents should handle new school routines

Labor Day weekend has come and gone. Which means that many children go back to school if they have not started school already. With this time of year comes a measure of change. Indeed, there may be new schools and new routines, along with new realities if the parents of these children chose to dissolve their marriages or break up their relationships.

Why preparing for custody evaluations is important

Parents may dread the long, drawn out process of a custody and parenting time dispute. However, family court judges commonly want to give parents every opportunity possible to resolve their differences before having to make a decision. This is partly because judges understand how one parent may feel completely marginalized by a decision that goes against them, and because parents still have to work together even after a decision has been made.

Why following a court order is critical

Former “Gossip Girl” star Kelly Rutherford’s custody story has garnered national news. Most people are puzzled by a California court’s decision to grant Rutherford’s former husband primary custody of the couple’s two children because his visa was revoked. Others may be troubled by the fact that a father was granted primary custody.

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