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5 things you should know about being a de facto parent

If you stepped into the role of caretaker for a child that's a dependent of the court, you may have developed a bond with that child that transcends biological relationships. The courts will sometimes allow someone in this situation to be named a de facto parent.

Social workers not immune from liability for lying

In the second case based on the same event, the federal appellate court has affirmed that the county is not immune from liability after two social workers committed perjury, causing a California woman to lose custody of her two young daughters for six and a half years.

Custody dispute over embryos hinges on court jurisdiction

In a case that seems to be the first of its kind, two frozen embryos have been named the plaintiff's in a custody suit against the actress whose eggs were used in their creation. The former fiance of the actress, whose sperm was also used in their creation, had previously filed a lawsuit in California asking for sole custody and the right to implant the embryos into a surrogate, but recently dropped the case.

Custody disputes often start after the death of a parent

When the sole custodial parent—usually the biological mother—of a young child dies, who gets custody of the child left behind? The answer to that question can throw the entire surviving family into conflict and cause everyone to end up in court, wrangling over custody.

Child custody transitions: Put yourself in your child's shoes

Imagine you are a child and your parents are divorcing. You know that things are going to be different and maybe a little scary, but you don't know exactly what is going to happen. One day, you are told that you will suddenly be splitting your time between both of your parents in two different households. At this point, your fear and confusion is likely to increase.

It is your child and your custody case | Take control

Many child custody cases are almost automatically contentious. Each parent's push to assert his or her parental rights results in explosive disputes if not out-and-out battles. Most California parents considering divorce are aware of these difficult child custody cases. Armed with this "knowledge," they may attempt to build their case accordingly, but this is obviously no easy task.

How divorce ultimatums played out

A few women recently told their stories about what happened when they finally stepped up and gave their husbands an ultimatum. They told them how things had to change or they were going to divorce. One woman noted that this tactic could work to save a marriage, but only if the husband really cared; if not, the ultimatums helped to spur a divorce in a relationship that wasn't working.

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