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Property division during divorce may involve family pet

People who are going through a divorce will likely disagree about who gets to keep the home or the kids in California. However, it's also common for the pair to not agree on who will get to keep the family dog. This happened in a recent out-of-state case involving property division, where a man ended up getting custody of the dog because the court said the wife treated the dog more like a human instead of a pet.

Pets often disputed during property division phase of divorce

People in the United States are often in love with their pets. Some treat them as their own children; they want to give them the best lives possible since these animals increase their own quality of life. The thought of having to part ways with a valued pet can be upsetting. However, if a person gets a divorce in California, that individual's spouse very well may end up with the animal following a court decision regarding property division.

California real estate property division hard during divorce

When a couple goes through a divorce, they may experience a range of emotions, from sadness to anger. This anger may become even stronger if the couple cannot agree on how to split their assets, specifically real estate, in California. A recent article describes the options that divorcing couples have when they can't agree on how to approach real estate property division.

Real estate property division may be improving

For California residents, a slowly improving real estate market may mean an easier path to divorce. Real estate property division is a significant factor for many who choose to end their marriage, and a depressed real estate market can lead some to delay filing for divorce until the chances of a successful sale have improved. However, recent property sale trends suggest that now may be the best time to file for divorce and begin the process of building a strong financial foundation for the years ahead.

Divorce does not have to mean property division disaster

When a California couple decides to end their marriage, many fear that the process of bringing the matter to a close will result in financial disaster. Virtually everyone knows someone who went through a lengthy, bitter and expensive divorce, and many spouses fear that they will sustain serious monetary losses when they choose to end their own union. However, it is important to realize that many of the negative repercussions of a divorce and property division can be mitigated or eliminated with the right mix of planning and careful action.

Pre- and postnuptial agreements help in property division matters

In California, as in other areas where large segments of the population have a higher-than-average net worth, pre-nuptial agreements are considered to be just good business. In addition to these agreements signed prior to the wedding, many couples now have their legal representatives draw up post-nuptial agreements to deal with property division matters that may arise during the course of the marriage. Those who have made these agreements say that far from indicating a lack of trust or faith in marriage, it helps support it by eliminating situations that could cause conflict between partners.

California divorce: Income taken into account for settlement

Many readers in California likely think that in most dissolution of marriage cases, it is the husband who is ordered to pay spousal maintenance is some must be paid. This is because traditionally men earn more than women, thus making the payment of alimony after a divorce their responsibility. However, one recent article notes that this fact is changing.

Divorce in California should include financial review

The holidays can be a stressful time for some, as readers in California may be aware. At least one report indicates that this already-stressful time is rarely a good time to file for a divorce from one's spouse. This may because of the emotional reaction of a person who has just been asked to end their marriage in divorce, not to mention other financial reasons.

California divorce may be different for those with grown kids

Every couple that seeks a divorce in California is different. For some the issues of child support and child custody are contentious. However, for others who have grown children, a divorce may center more around property division and other negotiations, one authority reports.

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