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Nagra divorce leads to battle over damages in California

The husband of "ER" and "Bend it Like Beckham" star Parminder Nagra filed a lawsuit recently in a California court against his estranged wife. The lawsuit comes as the couple is going through the divorce process and involves his actions as the caretaker of the couple's investments and real estate. The divorce petition was originally filed in February.

Property division fight turns to designer shoe collection

When a couple in California is working toward a divorce resolution, they often find themselves arguing over every asset and piece of property that they owned together. Sometimes a property division battle can even wage over items that would seem out of the realm of consideration. This is what happened when one man found out that his wife was allegedly hiding 1,200 pairs of designer shoes.

Proper planning can make property division in divorce easier

Getting a divorce in California can mean long negotiations, and even litigation, as a couple works to divide their assets and liabilities. The process of property division is among the most hotly contested areas in many divorce situations. Now some authorities note, that with proper planning, there may be ways to lessen the financial blow that can be caused by divorce.

California property division: Rover is taking charge

The family pet often likes to be the center of attention, and that is starting to apply in some divorce proceedings as well. While the law in California and across the country still technically treats pets as property, the issues that courts consider in deciding who keeps an animal are becoming increasingly similar to child custody proceedings, as opposed to property division.

Brand takes nothing from Perry in California divorce settlement

California residents who are married know that maintaining a union for the long haul can be challenging and difficult. Sometimes, the problems are too overwhelming, and a couple decides that they should divorce. When they do, the couple normally negotiates the division of their assets and property prior to being granted a final divorce decree.

Property division details surface in Bryant divorce

A few weeks ago we posted about the divorce of NBA Lakers star Kobe Bryant from his wife Vanessa. We knew few details about the divorce proceedings at that time, but since then, several details have come to light, including those surrounding property division.

Debt division in community property states

A constant source of worry for couples in California going through a divorce is how the debt will be divided. Some spouses worry that they will be stuck having to help pay off debt that their soon-to-be-ex-spouse accumulated before a marriage, whether through owning a house or paying for college.

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