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October 2015 Archives

Thoughts on resolving holiday parenting time disputes

In a prior post, we highlighted a number of ways that parents who encounter trouble obtaining parenting time for Halloween can resolve this issue. With the annual night of fright and fun coming this weekend, we hope our readers have abated the parenting time issues that can arise.

How to deal with medical disputes involving a child

Co-parenting with a difficult ex is certainly not easy. You may have fights about what type of entertainment they may be exposed to, as well as what rules should be enforceable in each other’s homes. But what parents should not fight about (but unfortunately they do) is how their children should be treated by doctors.

Can a business run by spouses survive a divorce?

If your marriage is in despair because of money problems, you are certainly not alone. Money problems are a common impetus for people to split up. But what if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are business partners? Can the business survive?

The danger of social media rants during child custody disputes

If you have heard the adage, “think before you hit send” there’s a reason behind it. In the midst of custody and parenting time battles, or during a contentious divorce, emotions tend to run high and people often feel the need to vent on social media. After all, sharing one’s momentous life moments on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has become as common as calling a friend to unload one’s burdens.