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Can you survive a divorce with your retirement dreams intact?

When divorce suddenly photobombs the perfect mental picture of the retirement plans you once had with your spouse, is there any way to restore the main image (and the plans that go with it)?

Maybe. There's no denying that divorce affects wealth -- you have to divide up the property and your other assets, which leaves you less to live on and less to invest. Without a partner, you may also struggle a little more with motivation -- and living for the moment can definitely deplete your bank account.

Lesbian domestic violence: Get help to escape your situation

The subject of lesbian domestic violence isn't something that people often hear a lot about -- even though it is surprisingly common.

Domestic violence can take a variety of forms: economic abuse, physical violence, psychological torment and sexual abuse. It's not unusual for a victim to experience more than one kind of violence at a time from her romantic partner.

Mother and grandparents jailed for custodial interference

The concept of shared parenting was apparently lost on an Arizona woman and her parents -- leaving an infant's father to wonder for four months if his son was okay.

Eventually, the mother and child were tracked down in Ramona, California. The father -- who has now been given sole custody by the courts rather than the shared custody originally intended -- has finally been reunited with his son.

Maintaining privacy during divorce after a long marriage

When you and your spouse decide to divorce after many years of marriage, maintaining privacy is often an important priority for everyone involved. Even if you and your spouse are able to approach the matter civilly, you don't want your personal matters to be freely available to anyone who wants to know the inner disfunction of your marriage.

There are a number of ways to protect your privacy during divorce, but none of them are automatic. You must take action and work together with your spouse for ideal results. You may either choose to request the court to seal specific records, or you may keep the entire process confidential through divorce mediation.

Child support and holiday gifts

Finances can tear a family apart, and afterward, keep the rift going -- especially when it comes to child support.

At this time of year, most smart parents are already thinking ahead to the holiday season and starting layaway plans for their kids' gifts or developing a budget.

Halloween: A scary time for divorced parents

Halloween is seldom addressed in child custody agreements because it isn't considered a national holiday. Unless you were thinking ahead when you made your final custody agreement, you may find that you don't have any specifics laid out for the festivities.

If you're the parent without primary custody the night that Trick-or-Treat is held, that can leave you feeling lonely and left out -- after all, who doesn't want to be there when their favorite little witch, ghost or vampire gets to play dress-up and have so much fun?

Heather M. Cullen selected to the 2017 California AJI's Top 10 Attorneys List for Divorce

Heather M. Cullen has been selected to the 2017 California American Jurist Institute's Top 10 Attorneys list for Divorce! Each year, no more than 10 lawyers in the state are selected by the selection council at the American Jurist Institute to receive this honor.

Intimidating a witness: Not a good plan in domestic violence case

If you're trying to convince the judge that you're either innocent of domestic violence allegations or the actual victim of domestic violence, here is a piece of advice you can take to heart: Don't try to intimidate a witness in your case.

For example, celebrities are often the target of domestic violence complaints -- sometimes fairly and sometimes just because the accuser wants to create a sensation and maybe scare the celebrity into a favorable settlement so that his or her reputation doesn't become tarnished.

Foreclosure rates closely tied to divorce rates in California

What's the connection between foreclosure rates and the rate of divorce in Southern California?

While divorce rates in the United States as a whole have declined and are at a 40-year low, the figures vary regionally -- and couples in the lower part of California aren't seeing the same trend. In fact, less than half of all marriages in that area will survive to their 10th anniversary, and more than 70 percent will eventually fail.

Could couples therapy help you co-parent after divorce?

You and your spouse both know that your relationship isn't salvagable. Maybe there was adultery, or perhaps there was a major issue that arose between you and your spouse. Regardless of how you two feel about one another, however, you will still need to interact regularly for the sake of your children. Courts typically try to create shared custody arrangements, often called co-parenting solutions. Typically, it is in the best interest of the children to remain close to both parents.

Co-parenting is almost always in the best interest of your children. Instead of pushing for sole custody and relegating the other parent to occasional visits, co-parenting equally shares responsibility for a number of important parenting tasks. If you and your former spouse are still having trouble communicating in a healthy way, however, co-parenting could be more difficult than beneficial.

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