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Making kids happy in 2 different homes

One of the problems associated with shared parenting is that kids sometimes end up feeling like they don't really have a home of their own. Because they split their time between households and parents, it's easy for a kid to lose his or her sense of stability. Instead of feeling like they belong in each parent's home, they may end up feeling like they don't really belong anywhere.

Here's how to help your kids transition to life in two houses:

What does it take to renew a restraining order?

If you have an existing restraining order against an abusive ex-partner, what does it take to renew it? A recent decision by the California Appellate Court provides some important clarification on the matter.

Initially, a lower court ruled that a domestic violence victim was not entitled to renew and extend the protective order she had against her ex-boyfriend even though he had physically abused their children and harassed her by phone and text multiple times since the original order was obtained. In some of his phone calls and texts he mentioned the kids and said that they would "pay the price" for their mother's continued involvement with the court.

YouTube pranks cost parents custody of 2 children

Custody is never truly final -- and you need to keep that in mind if you have primary physical custody of your children and want to keep it.

That's the lesson to be learned from the case of "DaddyOFive," a father and YouTube blogger who thought he and his current wife had struck an internet comedy goldmine when they started filming themselves as they pulled "pranks" on their children.

Set these goals before starting divorce mediation

Once you decide to divorce, you need to turn your attention to the future. This means many things, such as determining if mediation would be in your best interest.

As long as both individuals agree to try divorce mediation, you're in position to move forward.

Revenge porn could cost father his chance at custody

Attorneys in all areas of the law are starting to sound like broken records when it comes to advising their clients to stay away from social media when they're in the middle of a lawsuit -- but that's only because clients continue to make social media mistakes that have big legal repercussions.

A case in point is the recent actions of one of the lesser-known Kardashians, Rob, who decided to tweet nude photos of his child's mother in an ill-timed and poorly-considered act of "revenge porn."

Same-sex couple face unique social pressure to stay married

Until recently, marriage in the same-sex community has never been something easily obtainable -- which puts a peculiar pressure on those within same-sex marriages to stay married -- even when they're deeply unhappy.

The likelihood that same-sex couples were going to face certain unique problems once same-sex marriage became legal nationally is something that was noted back in the early days following the Supreme Court's landmark decision on the matter.

6 tips to gather evidence of domestic violence

Please, if you're the victim of domestic violence, seek medical care.

Nationally, only about 34 percent of those injured by their abusers actually obtain medical treatment -- but failing to do so puts you at a significant disadvantage when it finally comes time to seek long-term legal protection.

Custody rights for non-biological parents in same-sex divorce

Ever since the Supreme Court ruling in 2015 in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, same sex marriages have been legal in all 50 states. Of course, same sex marriages had been legal in the state of California for longer than that. Despite repeated attempts to ban same-sex marriages in California, the state upheld the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to commit to one another in a legal sense.

Just because California was ahead of the curve when it comes to same-sex marriage doesn't mean there aren't still legal complications. Divorces with same-sex couples, in particular, can present issues.

4 tips for dividing up personal items in a divorce

Different states have different ways of dividing up the property owned by a married couple when they divorce.

In California, property is divided between "separate" property (belonging solely to an individual spouse) and "community" property (belonging to the couple jointly). Anything deemed community property has to be divided up equally.

Domestic violence in the same-sex community

Domestic violence isn't about gender -- it's about control.

Yet, people still tend to have a stereotypical "default mindset" about domestic violence -- they automatically tend to think of it as an issue between a male abuser and a female victim.

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