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Riverside Family Law Blog

Male victims of domestic violence should reach out for help

Victims of domestic violence often feel a great deal of shame, anxiety and doubt before they are able to reach out for help.

Those feelings may be intensified if the victim of domestic violence happens to be male and the abuser happens to be female. Culturally speaking, domestic violence is often thought of as something that women have to be concerned about -- men aren't easily perceived of as victims in domestic situations by the average individual.

California child support: Three of your top questions answered

Most divorcing parents have questions about child support, whether they expect to be on the receiving end or the paying end.

Here are some of the most important questions California parents may have and the answers they need to know.

Choosing to co-habitate after divorce for the sake of the children

One of the most unusual trends in modern divorces is the decision to continue living in the same house or sharing a property after the end of a marriage. This kind of arrangement can be less financially draining for each parent and can also make co-parenting that much simpler.

In cases with special needs children or other unusual circumstances, this kind of living arrangement makes a lot of sense. Of course, living with someone you decided to divorce isn't the easiest route to take, either. However, some former spouses can reach a mutual agreement that this is in the best interest of your children.

Despite deciding to continue to live together, you still need to protect yourself during the process of divorce. Will you retain your family home or buy a new one? Who owns how much equity in the property? What happens if you try it and you can't make it work, despite your best intentions?

The best way to plan for any eventuality and protect yourself financially during a divorce with children is to work with an experienced California divorce attorney throughout the whole process. Your attorney can make sure you are protected, no matter how the cohabitation decision works out in the long run.

Summary dissolutions for same-sex couples

If you had a same-sex domestic partnership and then a legal marriage, ending your legal relationship to your spouse is twice as problematic as it is for heterosexual couples.

If you're lucky, however, you may be able to qualify to end both your marriage and your domestic partnership at the same time through something known as a summary dissolution.

Get help with international child abductions

What happens if your child's other parent responds to your request for a divorce by fleeing the country with your child in tow?

If you're lucky, the country your child has been taken to is a member of the Hague Convention. The Hague Convention is an agreement formed by a number of countries that focuses on the child -- and puts jurisdiction in the hands of the court where the child habitually lives.

New test can help prove or disprove child abuse allegations

Marital strife has a way of bringing out the worst in people. Some parents start taking out their anger and frustration toward their spouse on their kids instead.

Unfortunately, babies and very young children are often victims of a type of domestic violence that isn't always easy to diagnose: trauma to the brain and intracranial bleeding caused by Shaken Baby Syndrome or blows to the head.

Teacher is latest high-profile domestic violence victim

A teacher at a California elementary school started the school day off like any other -- she had no idea that she'd be dead by the middle of the day, murdered by the husband she was considering divorcing.

She'd already separated from him physically, although she'd never taken out any restraining orders against him. Nor had she indicated he'd threatened to kill her -- just that his behavior was odd and that she was concerned about some vague threats that he'd made, although she attributed them to a cry for attention.

Your child's medical condition and the other parent

Parenting by itself can be a difficult job, but co-parenting with a difficult ex comes with its own set of maladies. Indeed, you may have differences about entertainment, rule enforcement and discipline, but when it comes to medical treatment (and payment for procedures) parents should be on the same page.

But unfortunately, this may not always be the case.

Long-range support and the child with severe autism

Usually, child support in California ends when the child turns 18 (unless he or she is a full-time student, in which case it can continue until he or she is age 19). In some rare cases, a support agreement might call for one or both parents to support the child through a four-year college degree.

However, what happens when the child is never going to be capable of being self-supporting due to a pervasive developmental disability, like severe autism?

What you need to know about military divorce

As a service member thinking about divorce, it is important to realize that there are certain laws that apply to you that do not apply to civilians. This does mean that your divorce will be more complicated, it simply means that there are some different matters you will have to address. One of the first things you should do is to hire an attorney in the Riverside area that has experience with military divorces.

Some of the issues you might encounter include residency requirements, compliance and even your spouse's rights to your pension. Read further for an overview of what you can expect during your divorce proceedings.