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October 2012 Archives

California divorce occurs for various reasons

A recent report that may be of interest to readers in California noted that only 25 percent of divorce matters in our state and across the country are amicable. The remaining divorce cases contain some degree of contention. Regardless of the reasons that they choose to end their marriage, in each case couples must determine how to handle issues such as property division and financial support.

How the Internet can harm your divorce

Today, the term "private life" has become somewhat meaningless. Daily, we check in to our favorite lunch spot on Foursquare, take a picture of our meal and post it to Facebook, then Tweet about how it tasted on Twitter. Social media has created a culture of openness and transparency that leaves many people's lives up for public viewing and commentary. Regardless of your thoughts on social media forums, it's important to know that, in certain situations, going public with the details of your life could end up hurting you.

California divorce often includes debt discussion

Contentious negotiations regarding the division of assets in a divorce is common in such California matters. Now, at least one authority asserts, it is not only assets that are commonly negotiated, but also the division of debts. In fact, reports indicate that the number of couples working to divide the debts during a divorce has grown as the recession has waged on.

Reality TV stars exchange accusations in California custody dispute

Adrienne Maloof, the estranged wife of a California doctor, recently asked the court to grant a restraining order against her ex-husband. The couple star in the television reality series, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." The court granted the request for a restraining order and allowed Maloof to have temporary child custody of the couple's three sons.