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California divorce occurs for various reasons

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2012 | Divorce |

A recent report that may be of interest to readers in California noted that only 25 percent of divorce matters in our state and across the country are amicable. The remaining divorce cases contain some degree of contention. Regardless of the reasons that they choose to end their marriage, in each case couples must determine how to handle issues such as property division and financial support.

The research conducted noted various reasons that couples in California and across the nation choose to end their marriages. As many in our state are well aware, financial issues, lack of communication and limited time together are among the reasons that marriages end. However, the research noted that having a prenuptial agreement was not necessarily an indicator that a couple would end their marriage in divorce.

In addition, attending counseling sessions prior to filing for divorce only worked some of the time. The numbers indicated that less than half of the time such sessions seemed to work and in many cases it was one spouse who sought the dissolution rather than both. This may be because the issues that come up that lead a couple to end their marriage cannot always be easily solved through discussions.

Regardless of the reason that a couple in our state decides to end their marriage in divorce, the process is similar. Each couple must either negotiate a settlement for issues such as property division or request that the court decide. In the large number of cases where the soon-to-be former spouses are not amicable, the issues are often decided by a court when negotiations fail.

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