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April 2013 Archives

California divorce: Income taken into account for settlement

Many readers in California likely think that in most dissolution of marriage cases, it is the husband who is ordered to pay spousal maintenance is some must be paid. This is because traditionally men earn more than women, thus making the payment of alimony after a divorce their responsibility. However, one recent article notes that this fact is changing.

California divorce includes negotiations to divide assets

Many readers in California know that a couple must work through many issues when they decide to divorce. For some, these include the division of assets that they obtained during the marriage. Others find it necessary to address spousal support and child related issues during divorce negotiations.

California divorce: Negotiating for the best results

Divorce can be a difficult process for some people in California. This is especially true for those who are unable to agree on the division of assets that they have obtained during the course of their marriage. In such instances, a court is often asked to make the final determination as to who would own what when the marriage officially ends in divorce.

California child support can be deducted from lottery winnings

Readers in California likely know that a record high Powerball jackpot was available recently. The $338 million prize was won by one man alone who is from another state. Now, just as the man began to enjoy his winnings, he faced a child support hearing relating to money that he was said to owe to a custodial parent.

Child support in California can lead to penalties if unpaid

Readers in California are likely familiar with the popular website Facebook. The social media website is used by millions of people to keep in contact with relatives and friends. One man, however, recently found that the site can also be used by official agencies, such as those tasked with investigating cases where back child support is owed.