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California divorce includes negotiations to divide assets

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2013 | Divorce |

Many readers in California know that a couple must work through many issues when they decide to divorce. For some, these include the division of assets that they obtained during the marriage. Others find it necessary to address spousal support and child related issues during divorce negotiations.

In one celebrity case that people in California may find interesting, a reality television star and her husband are seeking a divorce. Bethany Frankel and Jason Hoppy, are known for their appearances on talk shows and reality TV. She is also recognized as an entrepreneur.

The divorce was announced recently. The soon-to-be ex-spouses appear to have entered into the necessary negotiations for ending a marriage. This is evidenced by comments made by Frankel regarding the contentiousness of discussions during the divorce process. The couple is also the parent of one young daughter.

Ending a marriage in a divorce is rarely the first choice for couples in California. This was also the case for Frankel and Hoppy, as she explained to a talk show host. However, when a couple decides that they must separate, the negotiation process can help them to confront the multitude of issues that a divorce typically entails. Before entering into such a process, a person, whether a celebrity or not, may wish to review any applicable laws and as well as the relevant financial details of their lives. These efforts may help lay the groundwork for a successful negotiation that results in a fair and comprehensive settlement agreement.

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