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California child support can be deducted from lottery winnings

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2013 | Child Support |

Readers in California likely know that a record high Powerball jackpot was available recently. The $338 million prize was won by one man alone who is from another state. Now, just as the man began to enjoy his winnings, he faced a child support hearing relating to money that he was said to owe to a custodial parent.

It appears that the man who won took the prize in the form of a lump sum payment. The gross amount was reportedly $221 million, though he likely will receive $152 million after taxes are taken out of the award. Rather than the lump sum, the man could have taken his winnings in the form of an annuity payable over many years.

At the time that he won the Powerball jackpot, the man is apparently owed some $29,000 in back child support. He is the father of five children, though it is unclear which of them the child support was owed for. However, the money has apparently been owed to the custodial parent since 2009. Officials note that, in many cases, money that is owed for child support is taken out of lottery winnings before they are paid. In this case, the man paid the amount owed at the time of a scheduled child support hearing.

As readers in California know well, child support is owed once it has been ordered. When the money is not paid, the non-custodial parent can find that they are the subject of court action, penalties and even jail time for willful violations. In cases such as this one, even lottery winnings can be attached in an effort to collect child support. Fortunately, here the man stepped forward and honored his obligation.

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