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May 2013 Archives

Court upholds license suspension in back child support case

Penalties for the failure of a parent to pay court-ordered child support payments can often be severe. Apart from potential criminal charges, states like California often have the ability to implement wage and bank account garnishments, retain state and federal tax return monies and even revoke or suspend a person's driving privileges. Some people feel that this is unnecessarily harsh and, in certain cases, may actually prohibit the party who is in arrears from paying their child support obligations.

Emotions run high even when divorce is amicable

Even when the decision to divorce is amicable between the two parties, emotions can still run high; especially when there are child custody and visitation matters involved. In all cases, the interests of the children involved in parental divorce takes priority, as it should. But often, the other parent may feel like they have become a casualty in the divorce. A case involving a popular California singer highlights just how disturbing these kinds of divorce issues can be.

Many California fathers face visitation frustration

Going through a divorce, moving into a new home and getting used to seeing one's children on a vastly reduced schedule is bad enough, without layering additions stressful issues on top. However, for many California fathers, the tension does not end when the ink has dried and the boxes are unpacked. Visitation issues plague many non-custodial parents, and while it is not always the father who gets visitation, that pattern is still the norm in California and across the nation.

California couple fighting child custody case involving CPS

A recent California child custody case involving a -month-old baby boy has taken the nation by storm. Child custody cases can tug at the heart strings of parents. When a sick child is involved, it often draws the attention of people of all ages. From newspapers to morning television shows, this has been a hard case to miss.