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Emotions run high even when divorce is amicable

On Behalf of | May 20, 2013 | Divorce |

Even when the decision to divorce is amicable between the two parties, emotions can still run high; especially when there are child custody and visitation matters involved. In all cases, the interests of the children involved in parental divorce takes priority, as it should. But often, the other parent may feel like they have become a casualty in the divorce. A case involving a popular California singer highlights just how disturbing these kinds of divorce issues can be.

The lead singer of a rock band named “As I lay Dying” was taken into custody after he allegedly tried to hire an undercover detective to carry out a paid assassination on his estranged wife. The wife first officially sought a divorce back in September and the couple was attending mediations to work out custody and visitation issues. During this time, court documents show that the wife became concerned about changes in her husband’s behavior and personality. Although she expressed concern for the children’s welfare when in custody of their father, she never indicated that she felt herself to be in danger.

The issues that the wife expressed to the court concerned his ability to supervise and ensure the safety of the children, who he was seeing about 10 hours a week until legal visitation arrangements had been agreed on. She reported incidents where the singer would fall asleep when the children were at the beach or playing in the pool, leaving them unsupervised. She went on to state that he seemed frequently distracted and was often busy talking or texting while with the children. She expressed a concern that they were not being cared for during these times by a “stable” parent.

Whether these issues were the motivation for the purported decision this man made to hire a hit man, his response to the situation has brought only pain to everyone involved. California has many divorce and mediation experts who are available to help deal with any and all situations that arise when matters of divorce or child custody and visitation arise. Even in cases where decisions have been made that parents later disagree with, a modification can often be sought in a family law court.

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