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California couple fighting child custody case involving CPS

On Behalf of | May 7, 2013 | Custody & Visitation |

A recent California child custody case involving a -month-old baby boy has taken the nation by storm. Child custody cases can tug at the heart strings of parents. When a sick child is involved, it often draws the attention of people of all ages. From newspapers to morning television shows, this has been a hard case to miss.

The baby boy, who suffers from heart problems, was removed from his parents’ care after they left a hospital with him without the baby being properly discharged. They stated they left to take him to another hospital for a second opinion, but a day later CPS showed up at their home and removed the child. It was noted that the second opinion they received told them it was safe to take the child home. The couple used several media outlets in hopes of maintaining custody of their young son.

The child will need surgery for his heart murmur but will be allowed to stay with his parents. They have had to agree to visits from CPS in order to maintain custody. It was also said they must follow all medical advice regarding the boy’s health moving forward. While this may not be the perfect outcome, the parents are no doubt happy to have their son home with them.

Any California parent involved in a child custody case could be best served by confronting the issues proactively. Whether battling another parent or CPS, knowing your rights as a parent in accordance with the law could prove to be beneficial when moving forward. While this can be a stressful and heart wrenching time, it can be made easier by knowing there is help available should the need arise.

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