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December 2013 Archives

Divorce in California presents unique challenges during holidays

Although divorce can certainly be difficult for the two married individuals involved, it can also be tough for the children. Kids often are caught in the middle of two parents who have decided to part ways due to irreconcilable differences in California. A recent article explains how to help to minimize the stress of divorce that children may feel -- especially during the holidays, when gifts are given to children by both parents.

Collaborative divorce in California can have positive outcomes

Getting divorced often is one of life's most stressful moments, as the two parties involved may be reeling in emotions ranging from hurt to anger or distrust. This particularly is the case when the two individuals simply cannot see eye-to-eye on significant areas of the divorce proceeding, such as the division of assets or alimony. In such situations, divorce can be costly both emotionally and financially. Collaborative divorce, however, can help couples to experience more satisfaction with the financial outcome of a divorce in California.

Loving oneself can help after divorce in California

Going through divorce can pose many challenges both emotionally and financially. Just as the financial wounds may remain for a person who does not adequately pursue his or her best interests during a divorce proceeding, the emotional wounds might take time to heal. However, a few tips can help a divorcing individual in California to overcome feelings of rejection and anger that often result from such a situation.

Knowing one's desires can improve California divorce outcome

When people think of the word "divorce," negative images typically come to their minds. They may imagine two people feuding over shared assets and refusing to give in to the other's demands in a situation that is filled with emotion. However, succeeding at divorce indeed is possible if a person takes the right steps in California.