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Knowing one’s desires can improve California divorce outcome

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2013 | Divorce |

When people think of the word “divorce,” negative images typically come to their minds. They may imagine two people feuding over shared assets and refusing to give in to the other’s demands in a situation that is filled with emotion. However, succeeding at divorce indeed is possible if a person takes the right steps in California.

A person should pinpoint exactly what he or she desires in the divorce situation. For instance, being clear about one’s wishes and about what is important in life will guide the person in his or her decision-making. As a result, the individual may be able to negotiate a better personal outcome.

During the divorce proceeding, no matter how difficult, it is beneficial to honor one’s chief values. These include one’s achievements, families and the desire to live with integrity. Doing so will help divorcing individuals to feel as though they have a sense of control over their lives even when they feel like their ex or the legal process is dictating their futures.

Divorce can be a troubling event as people learn to live independently and deal with the impact of the proceedings on their financial futures as well. Having a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can increase one’s chances that the result will be fair. Trying to negotiate with an ex-spouse rather than taking the situation to court also can help the person to feel as though he or she is in the driver’s seat. It is within a person’s right to pursue his or her own interests during a divorce while still striving to reach a comprehensive settlement with an ex-spouse in California.

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