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Handling a mortgage after divorce in California

Divorcing couples who have a mortgage should understand a few of their options for dealing with their home and the loan attached to it.

A divorce can send shockwaves through every facet of your life in California, no matter how minor that facet might seem, and that it most certainly true when it comes to your finances. If a great deal of your finances are tied up in your home, you are likely wondering what to do about paying your mortgage now that your marriage is dissolving. Having the right information for such matters can go a long way in giving you the peace of mind you need during this major transition in your life.

Sell the property

In all likelihood, your best bet is probably going to be to simply sell the home if you can. This often makes everything clean, quick and easy for all parties involved, and the profits can be used to pay off the rest of the mortgage. While selling is a solid option, it might not be a feasible one if you are upside down on the loan.

Rent out the home or rooms

If you are unable to sell the home for whatever reason, you can rent it out instead. You can use the rent money to pay for a smaller apartment while you contemplate your next move and get your new life in order. You might also prefer to rent out one or more rooms in the home rather than the entire property. Either way, your main goal is to do whatever you can to make sure your mortgage payments are covered every month. Just know what you are getting yourself into if you decide to rent.

Talk to your lender

Lenders are used to dealing with borrowers in various situations, which means many of them have options for someone in your position. Sit down with your lender and explain what is going on in your life and see what can be done to help the both of you out. A single conversation can be all you need to negotiate a better deal and learn more about your property rights.

Decide if one party can take over the mortgage

Depending on your or your ex-spouse’s financial situation, there is a chance one of you could take over the loan payments alone, which should be the one who wants to keep and remain in the house. This option is likely to involve refinancing the mortgage as well as a great deal of trust since you will more than likely still considered responsible for the loan, even if your name is no longer on the deed.

During divorce in California, it is best to look at your situation by the slice as opposed to as a whole. Speak with an attorney for more information and more options for dealing with your mortgage.