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Domestic Violence

California law defines domestic violence as a one-time event, or as the systematic physical and emotional abuse of one family member by another. The term applies to spouses, domestic partners, parents and children, siblings, and dating relationships.

Led by senior attorney Heather Cullen, our firm understands the need to thoroughly assess domestic violence cases. The long-term consequences of domestic abuse are devastating, and family members need protection, counseling and concrete help to change the situation.

On the other hand, false accusations arising out of a rancorous divorce, for instance, result in burdensome consequences that are unfair to the accused and to children. To learn how we can help in any family violence matter, contact one of our attorneys at Cullen & Murphy in Riverside, California. We also have a law office in Temecula.

At our law firm, we help victims request temporary restraining orders (TRO) after a domestic abuse incident. The police can request emergency protective orders (PRO) at the time of the incident that will protect the victim for up to 72 hours to allow him/her to obtain a temporary restraining order through the family court.

Our law firm represents people seeking protection from domestic violence as well as people whose job or constitutional rights have been affected by the imposition of a restraining order.

We seek to remove restraining orders in cases where they have been unfairly imposed and have implications for employment or for the right to carry a firearm.

If you or anyone in your family has been a victim of any form of domestic violence, you need immediate protection, and you need the skilled legal representation that our family law firm provides. If you believe that a restraining order has been unfairly imposed on you, we can help.

Family violence hurts everyone. Please contact us today for experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel.