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Is your ex addicted? The courts can help with child custody

The extent of the drug crisis in the United States has overwhelmed the criminal courts.

It's also having an effect on family courts as well, as concerned parents go into court alleging that their ex-spouse has developed a drug addiction and is endangering the custody of their child.

Dividing up the silverware: A new way to handle the little things

There are two types of attorneys who are confronted with little things that mean a lot: the lawyers who handle estates and those who handle divorces.

Both types generally find it easier to divide up complicated investments and stock portfolios than they do dividing up the little, but sentimental, objects of ordinary life.

Drug operation leaves 9-year-old child in danger

California police followed a neighborhood tip and discovered a unique drug distribution method -- and a child in serious danger.

The father of a 9-year-old child and a woman living in the house with him were operating their drug sales via a literal high-tech operation. The drugs were being delivered to customers waiting in a field near the drug dealer's home by a remote-controlled drone.

Be alert to signs of violence in your teen's relationships

Most people think of domestic violence as something that involves married couples or people who at least live together.

However, domestic violence can easily begin while a couple is just dating -- even if the members of that couple are teenagers.

Can science predict your divorce?

Social researchers spend a lot of time studying how people behave and the relationships that they form.

While social scientists can't guarantee wedded bliss or a disastrous divorce, they have been able to detect the patterns that indicate which couples are more likely than others to end up untying the knot:

Lying in family court earns woman jail time, not custody

Lying in family court can cost you both custody and jail time.

A woman from California is learning that lesson the hard way after she perjured herself in family court. She won't know her actual sentence until January 2018, but she faces a potential of four years in prison.

Mobile lives and custody issues

We live in an increasingly mobile society -- and that doesn't change just because a couple gets divorced.

One member of the former couple may need to follow a career to another state. Perhaps the other member of the couple wants to return to his or her home state in order to take advantage of the family support structure waiting there.

Splitting holiday expenses with your ex

Nobody ever claimed it was cheap to raise a child.

If you're already paying child support, you may think that you've done your share. However, child support is designed to cover the basic needs of the child, not the extras -- like presents and other expenses during the holiday season.

You can collect child support from unwilling fathers

Women who become unexpectedly pregnant often find themselves stymied by the soon-to-be father's reaction. Sometimes the father doesn't want to be involved and will simply distance himself from the mother, the pregnancy and the child once he or she is born.

That includes not wanting to pay child support. Some fathers may even go so far as to question or outright deny their paternity.

Divorce, alleged abuse, lead to attempted murder and conviction

A California woman is now behind bars and waiting on the judge to decide how many years she'll sit there. She fainted when the verdict came back, finding her guilty of attempting to murder her now ex-husband and the father of her child.

According to the woman and her co-conspirator, who happened to be her instructor at a local gun range, they never really intended to kill her husband.

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