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Could you be stalked electronically by an abusive partner?

Escaping domestic violence is difficult because abusers are experts at stripping their victims of economic power, supportive relationships and their freedom. However, even when victims do make a break and exert their rights to live without violence and abuse, their abusers don't always give up.

Now, abusers have found some creative methods of stalking their victims electronically over time. Often, the purpose is simply to "keep tabs" on the victim and maintain the sense that the victim is never safe, no matter where he or she goes. It gives the abuser a sense of invincibility and power and the victim may be quietly encouraged to give up hope and simply return to the situation.

Fighting back against a restraining order

When someone is the victim of domestic violence, a restraining order (also called "an order of protection") is absolutely appropriate. Unfortunately, some people see them as nothing more than a tool to use in order to force a spouse to leave the family home or a method to punish a romantic partner for moving on.

If you've been victimized by a false allegation of domestic violence, you absolutely cannot afford to just accept the label you've been handed -- even if it seems like the easier route to take. If the temporary order becomes permanent, it can affect you in the following ways:

  • It will appear in any background check, which could lead potential employers and potential romantic partners to believe you have a history of violent behavior.
  • You can be forced to vacate the family home, even if you are still required to pay the rent or mortgage.
  • You can be forced to surrender any firearms for the duration of the order.
  • If you accidentally violate the order, you can be fined and imprisoned, which will add to your criminal record.
  • If you are ever accused of another crime, your "history" of criminal behavior could affect the prosecution's willingness to negotiate and your sentence.

What happens to a medical license when you don't pay support?

Nonpayment of child support (or any support obligation, including spousal support, for that matter) is a huge issue. It has serious consequences for anyone. For someone with a medical degree, however, it could be career-ending.

The California courts have a variety of possible actions they can take when a parent is noncompliant with an order of support. While the courts are generally inclined to start small, penalties can range anywhere from being dragged back into court to explain the issue to the judge to jail time.

What should you do with your wedding ring after a divorce?

A lot of divorced people end up with a ring (or rings) that they no longer want.

What do you do with it? It's a shame to put such a valuable item in a drawer and forget about it, even though it doesn't have a real purpose anymore.

Asset division and same-sex marriages

Marriages, whether they are between heterosexual couples or same-sex couples, don't always last. Unfortunately, just as same-sex couples used to face unique hurdles in order to marry, they often face unique challenges in divorce as well -- particularly in the area of asset division.

If you're part of a same-sex couple and you're considering divorce, it's important to understand your rights to the marital assets and how the length of your relationship may be a factor when those assets get divided.

Kurt Cobain's heirloom guitar goes to daughter's ex-spouse

Family heirlooms often get caught up in bitter divorce fights -- especially when they're both highly portable and valuable.

Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of music legend Kurt Cobain, who was arguably the most influential musician of his generation and whose music still inspires many, found this out the hard way when she finally parted from her spouse. She walked away from the marriage, but her ex-husband eventually walked off with the acoustic guitar once owned by Kurt Cobain.

Child support and child custody: Don't confuse the issue

Child support and custody are intertwined issues in a lot of ways -- but there's one important way that they never overlap.

A parent's failure to pay child support never reflects on his or her right to visit a child.


End of custody battle enables tennis pro to return to her career

Professional tennis star Victoria Azarenka is back in action after the custody fight over her young son temporarily derailed her career.

Like many parents with professional careers, the tennis pro found her occupation at odds with her obligation as a parent. With a custody battle looming large in California and a judge's order not to remove the toddler from the jurisdiction, Azarenka wisely chose to sideline her career. She had been scheduled to play in Europe, but she dropped out of the circuit until after the custody battle was decided.


Child support in California: Frequently asked questions

Whether you're on the paying end or the receiving end, it's important to know how the process of collecting and disbursing child support payments works in California.

Many parents have questions about child support. Finding accurate information about how California handles child support can help ensure you comply with the law.

Who gets the engagement ring after a divorce?

Some of the biggest issues in a divorce are provoked by the littlest things -- like engagement rings.

Engagement rings have both financial and emotional value -- which can drive a conflict between a divorcing couple that can't be easily settled. If it's an issue in your divorce, here's what you need to know:

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