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Mel Gibson’s custody lawyers not removed from case

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2011 | Custody & Visitation |

Child custody is often one of the most difficult issues to resolve when a couple ends their relationship. While both parents want what is best for their children, they sometimes disagree and struggle to come to an agreement over their child custody arrangements.

Hollywood star Mel Gibson is no stranger to this situation, and has been fighting a very public custody battle with his former partner Oksana Grigorieva for more than a year. A California court of appeals recently denied a request made by the Russian singer to have Gibson’s attorneys disqualified from the case.

In 2008, Grigorieva met with lawyers at the firm now representing Gibson. She consulted with them about a custody issue relating to her son with actor Timothy Dalton. While the meeting did not concern her current dispute with Gibson over their young daughter, she felt that it still represented a conflict of interest.

She brought her concerns before a family law judge in California last May. The judge ruled that Grigorieva had waited too long to report the potential conflict of interest, and would not grant her request to have the firm removed from the case. She recently appealed the decision, but court records show that it was rejected by the 2nd District Court of Appeals located in Los Angeles without hearing oral arguments by either party.

Seeking custody of a child can be emotional and stressful for any parent, especially if they feel that their case may not be handled fairly. If you or someone you know is trying to unsuccessfully resolve custody issues, it may be helpful to turn to knowledgeable legal experts for advice and additional education about any rights or options that are available.

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