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Congressman owes child support, touts fiscal responsibility

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2011 | Child Support |

Child support is paid by many parents in California as well as throughout the country. The amount is normally the result of a formal written agreement between the parents or a court order. Payments are designed to contribute to the expenses of a child and are set based on a review of the parties’ income, among other factors.

Modification of child support can also occur if either of the parties financial situation changes enough to warrant a review. Unfortunately, all too often, we hear about one of the parties simply refusing to pay.

Now, if that person is a U.S. Congressman who was elected for touting fiscal responsibility and declaring his intention to force the government to pay its debts, people tend to take particular notice.

Court papers filed last week declare that an Illinois politician is more interested in the federal debt ceiling than his own child support obligations. Divorced for eight years after being married for 15, the couple has three children.

The papers filed on behalf of the ex-wife say he owes close to $120,000 in child support arrears, dating back to 2005. The congressman’s attorneys call her claim “unreasonable,” pointing to the man’s sporadic employment in financial planning and politics.

There does not appear to be any claim that the congressman ever sought a modification of his child support obligation. Further, the ex-wife seeks to debunk his plea of poverty (as a U.S. Congressman he makes $174,000 a year). She points to his comfortable life-style (he’s remarried), expensive vacations, and even the fact that he loaned his own political campaign a reported $35,500 – without paying any child support.

There are a number of enforcement measures in California to ensure the payment of child support. Nevertheless, there is thousands of people owed money that has not been paid. Some are frustrated by the constant trips to court and the loopholes some use to avoid paying what they owe. An attorney experienced in child support enforcement and collection may offer some comfort and assistance to those seeking to meet the needs of their children.

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