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‘Teen Mom’ star in child custody battle

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2011 | Custody & Visitation |

When the parents of a minor child split up and custody is at stake, it is most often the father and his counsel who play defense while the mother and her lawyer play offense. This makes sense considering custody is more often awarded to the mother. But in a developing child custody battle in California, these roles have been reversed. As the couple works to hash out a custody agreement, the father’s counsel told ‘Star’ magazine he thinks the child will go to the father. He said he thinks the child’s mother would not be awarded custody because she would find it difficult “to maintain a clean track record.” The father’s lawyer added he and his client want the child’s mother to have a lot of visitation.

The child’s separated mother is well known in Hollywood for starring in ‘Teen Mom,’ an MTV series. Recently she checked out of a Malibu rehabilitation center after a two-month stay. However, ‘Socialite Life’ still referred to her as a ‘mess.’ As she was leaving California for her home state of Indiana, it was reported she would thereafter leave Indiana and make a fresh start in Tennessee.

People who may be facing issues similar to these should know that custody and visitation issues are part of a highly-specialized practice area in the field of law. This type of specialist lawyer is well placed to organize a mutually acceptable custody and visitation agreement for both sides. But should the opposing side take a hard line, this type of lawyer can argue a client’s rights before a judge.

Source: Socialite Life, “Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood Leaves Rehab May Lose Custody Of Her Child,” Aug. 26, 2011


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