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California woman’s blog details divorce and its emotional tolls

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2012 | Divorce |

Understandably, it helps to have an emotional outlet while navigating through a California divorce. For some, the Internet is just that, and a number of spouses have vented their feelings in personal divorce blogs. The feelings revealed and information offered can be invaluable to both readers and the blogger. However, whatever is posted can be read by the other spouse, and those still embroiled in divorce proceedings may wish to be careful what they say online.

In a relatively new blog that is becoming popular, a woman describes her divorce. Having begun the blog shortly after learning that her husband was having an affair, the blogger describes not only discovering the infidelity but other common divorce issues, such as telling kids about the separation and deciding to file for a formal dissolution of the marriage. The blog, reports say, can help those who are experiencing divorce work through their own feelings.

Like many of those who have decided to file for divorce in California, the woman likely faced questions regarding child custody, spousal support and property division. Often couples encounter serious issues which require sensitive negotiations between the parties. When an agreement cannot be reached, the court steps in to decide unresolved matters.

When a person confronts his or her own divorce, it can be helpful to have an outlet such as the Internet. Using social media and other online tools has become second nature in our society, making it easier than ever to find people who are facing the same situations as we are. Nevertheless, there have been many recent cases in which social media and other online content was used as evidence in a divorce, so often it is best to think carefully before you post.

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