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Usher faces emotional child custody battle

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2012 | Custody & Visitation |

As many Californians know, child custody is a very contentious issue in divorce. Often parents disagree on how an arrangement should be set, even if both have the best interests of the child at heart. We tend to hear most often about celebrity cases, and even though we may think of these people as having easy lives, the rich and famous must deal with issues like child custody after a divorce as well.

In that vein, California readers may be interested to learn about singer Usher, who is currently wrapped up in a family law battle against his ex-wife. He is attempting to get increased child custody of his two children. Usher and his ex divorced after she purportedly found him in an adulterous situation with another woman. The ex-wife is now using this alleged infidelity in the child custody matter as evidence that there should not be a change made.

The ex-spouses are battling over the time spent with the children. Usher has requested that his parenting time be increased. The mother of their children has objected to this request, leading them to litigation. Many accusations have been tossed back and forth between the parties, leading to a contentious trial that has attracted some media attention.

Like couples who have gone through a divorce in California, Usher and his wife have ongoing issues that continue to surface as they parent their children. These can include child support and parenting styles, as well as child custody, as is the case in this matter. When former spouses cannot agree as to a change in a child custody plan, they may end up in a contested court proceeding like Usher.

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