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Nagra divorce leads to battle over damages in California

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2012 | Divorce |

The husband of “ER” and “Bend it Like Beckham” star Parminder Nagra filed a lawsuit recently in a California court against his estranged wife. The lawsuit comes as the couple is going through the divorce process and involves his actions as the caretaker of the couple’s investments and real estate. The divorce petition was originally filed in February.

The lawsuit asserts that James Stenson gave up a lucrative career as a photographer in London to come to California to be with Nagra. As life partners, Stenson says that the couple then agreed to share all aspects of their lives, including finances. The couple was together for six years prior to marrying in 2009.

The lawsuit requests damages in the amount of $500,000 and a 50 percent interest in the real estate properties owned by the pair. Three of the real estate properties in question were purchased by Nagra prior to the marriage. Because of this, the court will have to make a determination as to whether the properties are marital assets.

It is not uncommon for a high-asset divorce to include a lawsuit in addition to the divorce petition. In these cases, the high value of the assets of a couple may lead to more contentious negotiations over property division. Though it is unclear if there is a prenuptial agreement in this matter, many wealthy couples do create one prior to marriage to avoid lengthy and complicated divorce battles.

California couples may benefit from such careful consideration of their finances and property when divorce looms on the horizon. In the face of potentially challenging circumstances couples may benefit from seeking legal advice as they move forward with divorce and property division, to ensure the rights of both parties are protected.

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