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California child support payments are mandatory

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2012 | Child Support |

California rap music fans may be familiar with rapper Capone, famed for his work in the music group Capone-N-Noreaga. The duo was signed to a record deal in 1996 and has since released four albums. Now, the rapper is in the news for a different reason: his recent arrest for failure to pay his court-ordered child support payments.

According to reports, the rapper, whose given name is Kiam Holley, was taken into custody because he has allegedly not paid the court-ordered child support for his child since 2004. In fact, the rapper is said to owe more than $160,000 in back payments. He was originally order to pay $1,500 per month to the mother of his now 12-year-old daughter, but has only paid a total of $144 in the past eight years.

Although initially taken into custody, the rapper was released and will likely appear in court in the coming weeks. His travel has been restricted due to the pending child support matter. It is unclear if this restriction will alter any plans for performances that the rapper and his partner may have scheduled.

Like those in California who have been ordered to pay child support, the payments ordered for the rapper are mandatory. If he is found to have failed to pay the monthly requirement, he may find that he is liable for the amount owed. Without a modification approved by a court in our state, all required payments must be made each month until the child reaches the age of majority or another date specified in the child support order. While most child support cases do not lead to an arrest, this recent action does serve as a demonstration of not only how seriously courts across the nation approach unpaid child support, but also of the consequences for those who refuse to pay for the care of their children.

Source: Hip Hop Wired, “Capone Arrested For Unpaid Child Support,” Latifah Muhammad, Sept. 6, 2012


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