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California study discusses potential divorce predictors

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2012 | Divorce |

There are many indicators that a couple may end their marriage via divorce in California. Money troubles caused by the recent economic downturn or life changes are just a few of the issues that can end a marriage. Some who are going through the divorce process wish that they could have predicted that their marriage would be short lived before taking their vows. If couples could predict troublesome days down the road, more would likely seek the protection of prenuptial agreements.

A recent study suggests that, in some cases, a divorce may be predictable. A California study that was recently published says that a couple is significantly more likely to end their marriage in divorce if the bride suffered from pre-wedding jitters on her wedding day. In fact, of the 232 Los Angeles area people surveyed for the study, 38 percent of women said that they had hesitations before getting married. Of those brides, 19 percent divorce their spouses in the first four years of marriage.

The numbers were similar in the case of men who had “cold feet”. However, in most survey categories the indication of divorce was strongest if the woman was unhappy or hesitant about the marriage. The survey even showed that women were more likely than men to be dissatisfied with their marriage. This data did not include measures taken before marriage, such as drafting a prenuptial agreement, which may have decreased the uncertainty and hesitancy of some couples.

Though there is no one predictor that a California couple will divorce, the study shows that there may be a common thread for some couples. When a bride is hesitant about getting married, she may be reacting to problems that already exist in the relationship. Economical concerns are often one reason why couples hesitate to marry, though their fear may be unnecessary. Couples who are concerned about the future may benefit from considering a well-drafted prenuptial agreement. Because divorce is often the best option for struggling couples, a prenuptial agreement is a positive way that each individual can be assured of their protection of assets moving forward.

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