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California divorce may be different for those with grown kids

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2012 | Divorce |

Every couple that seeks a divorce in California is different. For some the issues of child support and child custody are contentious. However, for others who have grown children, a divorce may center more around property division and other negotiations, one authority reports.

However, in California and elsewhere, couples in a divorce may wish to consider child visitation arrangements, even if their kids are grown and out of the house. Though no longer required by law in such matters, a negotiation as to whose house the kids go to for the holidays is one that can make the transition for all members of the family easier when spouses decide to end their marriage. In addition, the decision as to whether to keep the family home may hinge on the independence of the adult children and their need to return home.

Property division discussions can surround not only the family home but also retirement and investment assets. In fact, once the children are grown, a spouse may no longer be able to stay at home without working while receiving spousal maintenance. Though this is not always the case, in our state a couple can expect to pay about one half a year of maintenance for each year of marriage in relatively short term marriages, according to one authority. However, longer terms of maintenance payments may be ordered in longer lasting marriages.

The decision to end a marriage in divorce is never an easy one for spouses. However, some issues that are common for spouses with young children may be avoided by those whose kids have grown. Property division, though, is common for spouses of all ages, and older couples may want to consider alternative dispute resolution options such as divorce mediation or a collaborative divorce as a means of working toward achieving a fair and comprehensive settlement agreement.

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