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California child support: football star wins lower payments

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2013 | Child Support |

Many readers in California may be familiar with the name of former football star Deion Sanders. The football player gained fame as a player with several teams in the NFL before becoming a well-known sports announcer. Now, he is making news due to his contentious divorce and a recent child support battle with his ex-wife.

According to a report, Sanders sought a reduction in his child support payments that he had been ordered to pay to his ex-wife for this daughter. Sanders actually has primary custody of the couple’s two sons. He had been ordered to pay $10,550 per month, an amount which the football star protested as being too high since he does have primary custody of the two boys. The court agreed to the reduction and now Sanders must pay his ex-wife $5,500 each month instead.

The ex-wife of the football star asserted to the court that the player owes her $50,000 in back child support. This was denied by Sanders. He pointed out that he shouldn’t owe that much in child support due to the fact that both of their sons currently reside with him. His ex-wife only has primary custody of the couple’s daughter.

Like those who have child support issues in California, Sanders had to make a request to the court in order to make a change in child support payments. Without an order from the court, he would have been liable for all of the $10,550 that had previously been ordered. Though modifications of child support are not always available in every case, there are situations in which the court will agree to make a change to the amount owed to a custodial parent. If a person feels that a change should be made, they may wish to review all applicable rules as they begin the process.

Source: Dallas News, “Judge reduces Deion Sanders’ child support bill from $10,550 to $5,500 per month,” Matt Peterson, Dec. 20, 2012


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