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California readers learn of unique child support case

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2013 | Child Support |

Readers in California may be interested to learn about a case making headlines from another state. In the matter, a man is fighting an order to pay child support for a child conceived after the man donated sperm to the biological mother. Now, the home state of those involved is seeking to have the man declared the legal father of the child.

In 2009, the man at the center of this child support case responded to an on-line advertisement seeking a sperm donor. After creating at least one contract, the man made the donation and the woman, who is now the biological mother of the child in this matter, was inseminated. That, the man says, was the extent of the relationship between the parties in this matter.

Since the birth of the child, the home state of those involved has paid the mother and child $6,000 in child support through public assistance programs. The state is seeking to have the man who donated sperm repay that amount. In addition, they are seeking to have him pay child support for the child.

This case is an uncommon one, though the debate over the payment of child support may seem familiar to many in California. At issue is whether the man is the father of the child in the eyes of the law. It is unclear how the court will make a determination in this case. However, as many in our state know, it is common for courts to hold that those who parent children are responsible for their support until they reach the age of majority.

Source: Fox News, “Mother lied about knowing sperm donor, agency says in demanding donor pay,” Jan. 3, 2013


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