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Child custody dispute results in mother’s arrest as a fugitive

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2013 | Custody & Visitation |

A woman that took her child across state lines in violation of a California Superior Court ruling has been located and arrested. The violation of the order and contempt of court warrants were issued on June 10, and reportedly arose from a dispute in a child custody matter. The mother and child were located in another state where she was taken into custody pending extradition back to California. The child is in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services in that state, and will be transported back to California as soon as possible.

The father of the child had been awarded sole physical custody of the three-year old. This situation highlights just how desperate some parents can get over matters regarding child custody and visitation. This mother decided to ignore the ruling of the court and in the process, has now assured that she will be separated from her child for a much longer period of time.

Often parents are not satisfied with the results of child custody decisions or visitation schedules as set out by the court. However there are remedies and processes to apply for modification of an order. It generally requires additional time and assistance from someone who is familiar with the process and the documentation required; however the results are much more beneficial for the parent and the child. Working through the court system instead of against it helps both parents remain a part of the child’s life.

The mother is being held on fugitive charges and will eventually be sent back to California to face serious charges. With the increase of parental kidnapping in recent years, the court is likely to deal harshly with her. Parents who may consider violating court issued child custody orders in California would do well to consider the price that both they and their child might end up paying for may initially seem like a faster, easier way.

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